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MobileGO Reddit: Review and Hot Discussion

From the team of MobileGO.

MGO token was designed for the gaming industry. Included in the list of the largest crowdfunding projects, taking the 15th place with the sum of raised funds of more than 53 million dollars.

From April 25 to May 24, 2017, MobileGO ICO was held on the Waves platform, which resulted in 70 million MGO tokens being sold and collecting a record amount of $53 million. MobileGO instantly became the hottest topic in one of the Subreddits dedicated to crypto-related themes.

After some time, management decided to change the company’s development course, refusing to develop a separate application store for Android mobile games in favor of creating a global ecosystem, aimed primarily at attracting participants to eSports tournaments.

MGO is an ERC223 token that gamifies the eSports tournaments, increasing user loyalty through a reward system. For gamers, it will facilitate participation in peer-to-peer games and decentralized tournaments, acting both as a reward and as an entrance fee.

Since September 2018, tokens have been supported by Jaxx crypto wallet, and since October, by Xsolla payment and billing service. Also since September, the MGO token is available for trading in the ETH/MGO pair on the BCEX exchange, in the MGO / USDT pair on BitForex, in the MGO/BTC pair on DigiFinex and Bitfinex.

What is Reddit?

The popular message board is a symbiosis of news feeds, forums, and social networks. The creators decided to build it in such a way that the audience not only added ads on its own, but adjusted the quality of publications. To do this, they have “levers” the buttons are “interesting” and “uninteresting. Image/video or article that most do not like, will not rise to the top.

The service itself was written in just three weeks and for all the years of its existence, it has not changed at all. This is especially noticeable in the style of the web resource, as “hello from the past”. For home-page minds, it seems nonsense, but in fact, it will take a bit to get used to and everything will become clear.

How does Reddit work?

The right panel of the Reddit forum is available only for registered participants. At the stage of setting up an account, no one has any problems with the interface because it is simple.

Everything is divided into subreddits or thematic categories. Convenience is that by subscribing to the areas of interest, you get only the actual one, which is also carefully filtered by others.

Do you think that a theme approach is embedded in all social networks and this is just one of many? But in fact, it is organized in such a way as to show the followers not only data on hobbies, but also those that cause the greatest resonance and interest among users. So, everyone stays up to date with lively discussions and trends. In addition, the section can be customized and according to the chronological order to see the tape first, and not just the top ones. Therefore, 50% of Americans still spend their morning here, and not on Facebook.

That is why it’s very important when people discuss MobileGO on Reddit. The MobileGO Reddit thread is hot and people are vividly discussing the news about this project, including the recent and upcoming airdrop.

MGO airdrop is another reason to join the global community of gamers, creators, eSportsmen, publishers, developers and everyone who is interested in games worldwide.

MobileGO team plans to arrange a new airdrop event (from 5 December 2018 – 19 December 2018) with a free giveaway of MGO tokens. In order to become the rewarded participant of this MobileGO airdrop, it’s necessary to follow all social media pages and channels of the project. Also, users must retweet posts about two main releases of December. Such activity is rewarded with 1 MGO token.

If a user wants to earn more MGO tokens, 1 is given for installing GShare and earning 1 GShare Gold.

Two more MGO are shared as a free reward for the first 100 participants who will complete the mentioned above tasks.

10 users with the largest Gshare Gold balance will also get additional 6 MGO tokens on their accounts.

Anyone has a chance to get from 1 to 10 MGO tokens for free taking part in the airdrop! If you need more details, visit or

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