CoinList Build launches to help blockchain companies find developers

To engage developers, CoinList Build and 0x are launching a hackathon: Bringing Decentralized Markets to the Masses.

Token sale ecosystem CoinList announced today CoinList Build, a product to help blockchain companies engage developers and grow their community via online hackathons.

To date, 50 blockchain teams have used CoinList to raise $450 million.

As CoinList evolves its business to support the maturing industry, CoinList Build will help these projects succeed in their next phase of growth: finding developers…

First partner: 0x

0x, an open protocol that enables the P2P exchange of tokens on Ethereum, is the inaugural hackathon partner.

The 0x team constantly updates its protocol, has built a user-friendly developer infrastructure, and supports dozens of independent businesses by enabling the trading of in-game items, traditional financial assets, and more.

“We’re really excited about the potential for decentralized markets to unlock innovation, but usability is still a barrier to widespread adoption. We’re looking forward to seeing participants solve these problems.”

The CoinList Team


0x is awarding over $50,000 in ZRX tokens. This includes a $10K grand prize, a $7.5K community choice award, and $2.5K for finalists in each category. 0x will also be giving $100 in ZRX to each participant that submits a project.


The panel of judges includes people from top brands like IDEO, Product Hunt and Messari.

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