Blockchain security firm Rivetz to provide AnyLog with IOT data protection

Decentralized, embedded security firm, Rivetz, and decentralized internet-of-things (IoT) data management platform, AnyLog, today announced a partnership to bring hardware-level, blockchain-based data protection to the AnyLog platform.

Through its globally distributed peer-to-peer (P2P) network, blockchain, incentive platform, and massive parallelism, AnyLog provides a cost-effective solution to collect, store and query IoT data. AnyLog will integrate Rivetz’s hardware security to protect the delivery of data from IoT devices on the AnyLog network.

“We are pleased to welcome Rivetz as a partner in the AnyLog ecosystem,” said Moshe Shadmon, founder and CEO of AnyLog. “Data security is of the utmost importance, and by leveraging Rivetz security protocols we can assure state-of-the-art protection of data on our network.”

AnyLog allows data owners to manage their data in real-time and avoid the extreme costs associated with building and maintaining their own databases and software platforms. In addition, the AnyLog Network allows companies who own IoT data to monetize that data in exchange for rewards.

Rivetz CEO Steven Sprague

“Rivetz is proud to provide provable cybersecurity controls to AnyLog. AnyLog is changing the way enterprises secure and interact with data. Rivetz sees an excellent opportunity to implement a simple and safe model using blockchain and trusted computing to ensure the quality of all transactions across the AnyLog data platform.”

Steven Sprague, co-founder, and CEO of Rivetz

Rivetz’s security solutions hinge upon access to the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), which is an isolated, measured computer environment separate from the operating system. By provisioning digital transactions through the TEE, Rivetz assures that users’ private keys cannot be altered or stolen if the operating system were tampered with or infected by malware.

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