DigiFinex partners with ChainSecurity to ensure safe and secure exchange

It was announced that popular crypto asset exchange DigiFinex has partnered with ChainSecurity, a leader in blockchain asset security with automated reasoning to provide DigiFinex with preferential access to its proprietary smart contract certification and monitoring tools.

Over the past few weeks, both companies discussed the challenges in protecting users that trade digital assets and cryptocurrencies. These discussions are in response to the growing awareness of the security risks in the blockchain ecosystem and the demand for higher security guarantees.

It is estimated that over 1 billion USD worth of crypto assets will be lost by the end of 2018 due to crypto hacks. This figure is more than three times higher than last year.

ChainSecurity is a global leader in smart contract security using automated reasoning.

ChainSecurity’s portfolio of products includes tools for automatically certifying smart contracts with respect to a high-level specification and others that allow for scalable monitoring of smart contracts to identify hacks after deployment. The research behind these tools is carried out in collaboration with the ICE center at ETH Zurich, home of the top Computer Science department in Europe.

In the future, the two partners also intend to work closely to bring new solutions to further mitigate the security risks of users.