Blockchain payment wallet Zeux to support Hedera’s HBAR token

Today, Zeux, a disruptive company which seeks to integrate several key financial services including payments, banking and investment into one app, announced that it will list Hedera’s HBAR tokens, once openly available, in its digital payment wallet, to allow users to spend HBAR for all POS payments.

Hedera successfully closed its token generation event for HBAR tokens this past summer, easily reaching the $20 million cap. Hedera Hashgraph is a next-generation distributed public ledger with highly diversified governance.

Hedera’s powerful hashgraph technology makes it attractive to Zeux. Their platform offers the ability to conduct transactions with unparalleled speed and security, and hence the ability to scale for mass adoption as a network. We believe Hedera will become one of most dominant networks in the decentralized world. Hence listing HBAR, the Hedera token, is essential for us to build our all-in-one fiat and crypto money app.”  – Frank Zhou, CEO & Founder of Zeux.

Zeux is an extremely promising project, positioned to disrupt the financial services and the crypto payments world. They are tackling the significantly important problem of crypto payments for daily purchases, and aiming to provide a one-stop-shop for fiat and financial services. What most interests us in working with Zeux is the chance to increase the adoption of HBAR tokens which we think will be a core digital asset. People who hold HBAR will now be able to spend directly and easily in a broad set of stores.” – Tom Trowbridge, President, Hedera.