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Tokenized real estate investment platform RealBlocks joins Science Blockchain

Science Blockchain, the early stage blockhain project and startup incubator for token offerings has announced that RealBlocks, a technology platform powered by blockchain that allows seamless fundraising and investing in real estate, has joined the Science Blockchain portfolio.

While there are many solutions tokenizing single assets, the RealBlocks solution goes beyond that. Their platform seeks to democratize access to private equity by tokenizing shares of some of the best real estate funds in the world. This will allow investors worldwide to directly purchase fractional shares in the offerings with either fiat or cryptocurrency.

RealBlocks provides three key benefits:
  • Global Access: Through accepting cryptocurrency, RealBlocks allows for simpler and more efficient access for investors outside of the US, thereby increasing the available potential capital pool for real estate sponsors.
  • Institutional Real Estate: Investors on the RealBlocks platform will have access to only the best offerings from most prominent real estate private equity funds.
  • Instant Liquidity: Through the use of a peer-to-peer marketplace, RealBlocks provides investors a mechanism for obtaining liquidity in an otherwise illiquid asset class (currently, it’s a long and expensive process to achieve liquidity — one that incurs large fees and requires the involvement of multiple intermediaries).

When investors invest through RealBlocks, they’ll receive an asset-backed token (or share) that represents ownership in an offering. Users have the ability to trade their ownership via a peer-to-peer marketplace with investors across the globe. RealBlocks is helping to usher in the token economy, and real estate is just one of the many industries that will benefit from the tokenization of assets.

“This is a case where blockchain is used for real-world benefits, tied to real-world assets and aligns perfectly with our investment model. We believe RealBlocks can revolutionize the real estate market by allowing peer-to-peer marketplace trading. They solve a real problem in an industry with major market potential, and we’re looking forward to seeing what we build together.”

Science Blockchain Team
Source:Science Blockchain

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