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HTC blockchain phone ‘EXODUS 1’ available for early purchase with BTC, ETH, and LTC

HTC blockchain phone ‘EXODUS 1’ available for early purchase with BTC, ETH, and LTC

HTC, the smart mobile device technology provider today announced that its first phone of the Exodus project, the EXODUS 1, will be available to purchase with the cryptocurrency Litecoin. The early access version of the HTC EXODUS 1 can now be purchased using bitcoin, ether, or litecoin.

As the founder of one of the world’s most popular cryptocurrencies, Litecoin’s creator Charlie Lee will also be joining the HTC Exodus team as a consultant. Furthermore, the company announced the 1st wave of ‘EXODUS 1’ phones began shipping on December 5th. In addition, the company launched ‘Zion,’ the all-in-one wallet on the blockchain.

The HTC ‘EXODUS 1’ sports the performance and design of an HTC flagship smartphone. Combined with a ‘Secure Enclave’ operating layer independent from the Android OS, EXODUS 1, is capable of storing user crypto keys with utmost security.  The EXODUS 1 period marks a period of collaboration between HTC and the global blockchain community.

“I’m happy that the much awaited HTC ‘EXODUS 1’ can now be purchased with Litecoin. Ever since cryptocurrency was created, my vision for Litecoin was always to increase the distribution of the currency and use it a foundation for secure transactions worldwide. With the Exodus 1, project HTC is expanding crypto technology to the mobile phone and doing so in a way that protects user’s information and wallets.” 

Litecoin creator Charlie Lee

“The HTC ‘EXODUS 1’ marks a grand new beginning for us, this is an Android phone with a built-in hardware wallet. With this unique combination, users who own the phone will also own all their private keys. Only when users have full ownership of their own keys, can we enact true decentralization, a vital first step toward protecting users. We see this as a stepping stone to how people will carry their own digital-assets and digital identities in their pockets, in the very way we carry phones today.”

Phil Chen, HTC’s Chief Crypto Officer

Today’s ‘Zion’ all-in-one secure wallet announcement helps fulfill Exodus’ promise to bring about a secure, decentralized internet. With multiple functions including dApps, payment, collectibles, as well as exchange and access to a wider blockchain marketplace in our future roadmap, the ‘Zion’ wallet operates through highly-secure Trusted Executive Environment (TEE) technologies.

With a ‘Secure Enclave’ operating independently of the Android OS, the wallet will protect the entrusted crypto-keys with stringent security. When authorizing transactions, Zion Trusted UI creates a safe zone, guarding against the possibility of data-theft from malware running on the device.

Zion All-in-One Secure Wallet
  • Zion generates the 12-word key recovery phrase (seed) through Trusted Executive Environments (TEE) that blocks possible malware attacks. Zion refrains from recording any user information; all keys and passcode are stored in a Secure Enclave directly in users EXODUS 1.
  • Zion supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and planned support for multiple cryptocurrencies as well as ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens, allowing users to manage crypto-assets efficiently.
  • Unique Social Key Recovery function divide recovery phrase into 3-5 parts, allowing users to send to designated friends and family for safekeeping and help recovery when needed. Your trusted contacts can now back you up from their Android and iOS operating devices.

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