Cloud compute platform Perlin gets investment from Global Brain

It was recently revealed that Perlin has now welcomed Global Brain as a new strategic funding partner. The significant contribution by Global Brain reflects strong support by traditional mainstream companies for Perlin’s experienced business team and revolutionary decentralized cloud computing technology. Access to Global Brain’s substantial network of portfolio companies and partners will allow Perlin to establish itself as the Airbnb of cloud computing – allowing device owners everywhere to rent out their spare compute power. In collaboration with Global Brain and its other existing partners, Perlin expects to acquire a major share of the Japanese and global cloud markets, which is estimated to be worth over $300 billion by 2021.

“We were very impressed by the dynamic Perlin team, its industry-leading distributed technology and realistic potential to fundamentally disrupt the lucrative and rapidly-growing cloud computing market in the same way Airbnb revolutionized the real estate rental market.” said Takashi Sano, Partner in Charge of Blockchain at Global Brain. “Following the wildly successful Airbnb model, we are confident that Perlin’s decentralized cloud platform will open up a new and abundant source of cheap, fast and secure cloud compute power for users – seamlessly matching compute suppliers and customers.”

Initially, Perlin will focus on providing firms using AI with vital cloud compute power, to more efficiently train complex AI models and mine valuable insights from vast volumes of data. Use cases in AI are potentially limitless, ranging from critical commercial applications (e.g. image recognition for autonomous vehicles, predictive maintenance for manufacturers, etc.) to projects focused on social/environmental impact (e.g. cancer research, climate change impact modelling, etc.) By supporting organizations with more affordable and abundant compute power, Perlin’s vision is to drive greater innovation and positive social impact across all industries and sectors globally.

“Perlin is already the world’s largest distributed computer, with 377 PFLOPs of compute power already available for distribution on its platform.” explained Dorjee Sun, Project Manager of Perlin. “With more compute suppliers coming online all the time, Perlin will unlock a vast new source of low-cost computational power to meet constantly growing demand from users, including AI, machine-learning and big data companies.”

On a big-picture level, Perlin’s vision is also to provide a new source of passive income for device owners in impoverished communities around the world. Perlin recently launched the AI 4 All Global Hackathon to potentially benefit the 1.6 billion people living in the world’s two largest developing democracies, India and Indonesia (representing 20% of Earth’s total population). Working closely with the Indian Government and Telkom, Indonesia’s largest telecommunications company, Perlin will provide struggling communities in those countries with the ability to rent out their idle compute and substantially increase their overall earning capacity. Envisaged as a new kind of universal basic income for billions of people, revenues via Perlin will support people globally to achieve greater economic inclusion in the fast-growing global share economy.

Perlin will also actively support projects for social and environmental impact by redistributing funds and/or compute power to research organizations, charities and other worthy causes globally.

Perlin has also just launched a new iteration of its testnet for its cloud compute layer.

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