Blockchain location protocol XYO Network partners with Run2Play and A-B Engineering

XYO Network, a geospatial, blockchain-powered location network currently under development today announced partnerships with Run2Play and A-B Engineering.

Run2Play combines fitness, charity and gaming by letting runners easily raise money for nonprofits, essentially earning cryptocurrency for a charity during the runner’s training period, or simply when they are jogging around the neighborhood.

“Run2Play puts fitness and charity on the blockchain, giving users the chance to earn money each time they hit the pavement via our app,” commented Run2Play founder Joseph Anthony. “XYO delivers precise location data that helps verify each runner’s journey, so charities can ultimately benefit from the earnings.”

“At XYO, we believe leveraging everyday fitness for charity via the blockchain is not just brilliant but noble,” noted XYO Network co-founder Scott Scheper. “This could be the way that many or even all nonprofits raise money in the future.”

A-B Engineering

When it comes to creating custom hardware for the cryptocurrency space, A-B Engineering is a top name that many in the industry recognize. Working closely with the XYO Network development and engineering teams, A-B company founders Aaron Malone and Andrew Brown have developed artisan “Mining Rigs” and “Archivist” systems for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

“It’s our goal to create beautiful, quiet high-powered mining rigs and optimally configured Archivists replete with enterprise-grade storage and speed,” said A-B co-founder Aaron Malone, affectionately known in the crypto community as PizzaMind. “We enjoy working where crypto meets aesthetics and fashion, to build unique and highly-functional technology solutions.”

“The team at A-B is equal parts consultants, technologists and artists. They work to understand clients’ goals then develop one-of-a-kind solutions that are top-quality machines, and that are also sure to draw attention for their aesthetic value,” stated XYO Network CEO and co-founder Arie Trouw. “XYO is thrilled to partner with both A-B Engineering and Run2Play, and look forward to building out both relationships further.”

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