Decentralized organization network Aragon launches upgrade to mainnet

Ethereum-based decentralized organization network Aragon has announced the launch of Aragon 0.6, the framework that allows users to create Aragon organizations on the Ethereum mainnet.

Codenamed Alba, the new release aims to revolutionize the world of organization development on the Ethereum blockchain by altering a situation where the vast majority of the over 15,000 Aragon organizations were running on Ethereum testnets with no real-world impact.

Security Considerations

According to Aragon, the smart contracts forming the basis for Alba have passed through a series of security audits to confirm their readiness for the big time and aragonOS, which powers all Aragon DApps is now on version 4.

To underscore the readiness of Aragon 0.6, it was further revealed that Aragon organizations such as aragonPM and Survey app have been running on the Ethereum Mainnet for more than six months. Through that period, no significant bugs were discovered, but in the interests of optimum user security, Aragon is running a bug bounty program on Mainnet.

Operational Framework

Information released by Aragon indicates that the new release aims to make the creation and administration of organizations to be easier and more transparent than ever before. The token manager, voting and finance features enable users to easily and transparently handle issues related to membership, ownership, participation, collaborative decision making and asset ownership.

The permissions feature helps users to set an infinitely customizable set or organizational rules governing everything from the withdrawal of funds and the addition of new members, to voting and action execution.

Aragon also claims to have thoroughly revamped the voting interface to make it easier to monitor voting and take part, so as to enhance community participation.

While Aragon is adamant that Alba has a high level of security, it warned users to avoid placing huge volumes of money in Aragon 0.6 organizations for the time being.

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