MinerGate releases new mining software promising improved efficiency and UI

Cryptocurrency mining pool MinerGate has announced the installation of its new mining interface – xFast Miner – as the pool’s default mining client. The multicoin mining pool, which gives users access to a range of mining solutions across a simple user interface, made the announcement in a blog post this week.

xFast Miner’s promised advantages

According to MinerGate, extensive testing showed that use of xFast Miner significantly increased the mining speed for each of the ten cryptocurrencies supported by the app. Apart from enhanced speed, MinerGate also claims that a raft of upgrades to the app’s usability and user interface make it easier and more responsive from a user point of view.

The new mining client also reportedly comes with both a CLI and a GUI version, giving users the opportunity to choose the interface that works best for them.

In addition to interface and utility upgrades, MinerGate says that xFast Miner also aims to expand hardware support and to this end, it is compatible with most popular GPU mining devices on the market. According to the company, the xFast Miner aims to become “one of the most efficient and advantageous solutions on the market.”

 xFast Testing process

In the announcement, MinerGate revealed that xFast Miner’s beta testing process enlisted the help of over 80,000 users who downloaded it and sent “remarkably positive” feedback. Following the outcome of the testing process, the company says that the version of xFast Miner currently available for download is equipped with several updates included as a result of user feedback.

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