Bitpanda implements instant exchange for all supported cryptocurrencies

Today, EU bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange provider Bitpanda introduced Bitpanda Swap, this new tool allows users to instantly exchange any supported cryptocurrency on Bitpanda to any other supported coin or token on their platform. No verification is needed to use Bitpanda Swap, and wallets for each of the 18 coins and tokens supported are already included.

Bitpanda also recently released their Bitpanda app for Android. Users will soon be able to use Bitpanda Swap within the app with the team currently working on the implementation.

Bitpanda Swap offers:
How Bitpanda Swap works
  1. First, users have to choose the asset they want to swap. Let’s say I hold IOTA (MIOTA) in my wallet on Bitpanda and want to swap it to Bitcoin (BTC)
  2. Select the IOTA wallet in the “From” column and the BTC wallet in the “To” column
  3. Define the amount of IOTA you want to convert to BTC
  4. You’re all set and can exchange IOTA to BTC by clicking on the “Swap now” button
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