Blockchain climate protocol Poseidon introduces AI engines into reduce platform

The Poseidon Foundation (Poseidon), a non-profit that empowers everyone to participate in climate action, is delighted to introduce two artificial intelligence (AI) engines – Footprint-AI and Offset-AI – to its blockchain-based reduce platform that will significantly improve its efficiency and scalability.

The reduce platform has been successfully trialed over the past 6 months and makes it possible to reduce the climate impact of a product or service by embedding carbon credits into transactions at the point of sale

These double-certified carbon credits are sourced from conservation projects that protect trees, support local communities and preserve vital biodiversity, such as in the Cordillera Azul national park project in the Peruvian Amazon, and are tracked from inception through to retirement on the Stellar blockchain.

Adding AI to this platform introduces a host of improvements:

Users of Poseidon’s reduce platform will be able to log into the companion mobile app that launches later this month. The app will allow users to register with reduce and follow the impact of their micro-donations by viewing the conservation projects they support. In a later release scheduled for 2019, the reduce app will allow donations directly to conservation projects.

Laszlo G, Founder and CEO at Poseidon Foundation

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”Laszlo Giricz, founder and CEO of the Poseidon Foundation” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]“We’re very excited to be introducing AI into the ‘reduce’ platform. Carbon footprint analysis takes a long time and involves numerous input parameters, but our new Footprint-AI makes this process more efficient, which will allow ‘reduce’ to scale globally more quickly. This AI engine will also be able to provide data that ‘reduce’ can analyze to educate users, as the platform will be able to make recommendations that encourage a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Once ‘reduce’ analyses the climate impact of a product, service or organization, our new Offset-AI will allow the platform to create a tailored solution unique to every user and evaluate what carbon credit is most appropriate to each individual situation. It will automatically consider any factor that might affect a user’s preference for a certain carbon credit and then reduce the climate impact of purchases using credits from the most suitable conservation project.”[/perfectpullquote]

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