Crypto exchange Bitfinex launches updated mobile app

Crypto exchange Bitfinex has announced the launch of its new mobile app, designed to offer an improved user experience by supporting the latest Android and iOS features while delivering an experience that closely resembles that available on the Bitfinex desktop site.

In the announcement which appeared on its official blog, Bitfinex revealed that the new features available on the app include iPhone X and tablet support, unified settings across all mobile devices, biometric identification and responsive widgets.

Bitfinex goes after casual users

According to Bitfinex, the user interface of the new app has evolved to include a ‘quick view’ function, which allows users access two different landing pages for trading and funding with fully customizable widgets that can be toggled on or off depending on the user’s needs.

The new and improved interface also features responsive widgets with columns that automatically resize to fit the user’s screen size. This solves a significant UX problem with the previous app which shared the desktop site’s emphasis on horizontal-spreading tables, affecting display quality on vertical screens such as those used by most smartphones.

In addition, the app also offers a unified set of persistent settings that remain constant across all devices a user trades with. This means that users with an extra phone or tablet no longer have to customize the Bitfinex app on each device individually. Significantly, the app now offers biometric identification, enabling users to use their face or fingerprint to unlock the app.

Future plans

According to Bitfinex, the community will decide what development plans for continuous improvement of the app will take priority, by means of a poll. The proposed projects to be voted for in order of preference include customized notifications that enable users select which push notifications they want to receive, enhanced UI customisation such as column priority and widget priority, scaled orders and other algorithmic order types, Honey Framework integration, different price alert types such as price delta and proposed Ethfinex and EOSfinex versions of the app.

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