Payger to integrate Rivetz hardware security for mobile P2P payments and messaging

Rivetz, a provider of embedded, blockchain-based mobile security solutions, and Payger, the new coin agnostic payment platform for digital assets, today announced a partnership to enable mobile hardware security for the Payger P2P (peer-to-peer) payment and messaging platform.

Payger will integrate Rivetz’s Dual Roots of Trust technology into its platform to protect digital assets and online transactions by enabling private key self-governance along with simple and secure password recovery. Users will be able to store their private keys within the secure enclaves of their mobile phones, transforming every phone into a mobile hardware wallet.

The Dual Roots of Trust solution cryptographically distributes the private key between the secure enclaves – or two roots: the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) and the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM), assuring protection of the private keys even if one of the systems is compromised.

“Privacy by design is fundamental to the Payger P2P payment and messaging platform. We are looking forward to working closely with the Rivetz team. Thanks to the Dual Roots of Trust framework by Rivetz, our users will always stay in control of their private keys and are free of any centralized private key custodian.”

Christoph Hering, founder and CEO of Payger

Payger is the modular P2P payment and messaging platform that offers a true decentralized, secure and versatile commercial ecosystem for businesses, individuals and developers. Reducing transaction costs while increasing privacy and data security, Payger provides a globally connected ecosystem through the latest blockchain technologies.

“We are pleased to add Payger to our network of partners. Rivetz will provide a safer and easier-to-use model in order for Payger users to protect their digital assets and online transactions by leveraging a hardware-based device identity. Users should be able to trust their devices to produce uncompromised commands and transactions. Utilizing the potential of trusted computing will make passwords go away and replace them with registered devices. By doing so, we will deliver more value with more conscience to their users.”

Steven Sprague, founder and CEO of Rivetz.

The Rivetz security solution hinges upon access to the TEE, which is an isolated, measured computer environment separate from the operating system. By provisioning all digital transactions through the TEE, Rivetz assures that users’ private keys cannot be altered or stolen if the operating system were tampered with or infected by malware.

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