GEON Network launches augmented reality and blockchain token app

Geon Network Limited “GEON Network” today launched its augmented reality (AR) and blockchain app. The 1.0.0 release allows anyone to use their phone to create and find two types of customizable AR beacons or “Geons”: a Geon with Geon Coins and a “Secret Message” Geon. These Geons can take any shape and can be seen and accessed by anyone with the GEON app.

“Secret Message” Geons can hold discount codes, secret messages or game clues. Geons with Geon coins hold digital coins that, in future versions of the app, can be converted to crypto or fiat currency. Both types can be created anywhere in the world, as long as the user has the GEON app.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”Robert Radek, CEO of GEON Network” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]“We are excited to introduce our groundbreaking app. GEON is a mix of location, AR, and cryptocurrency on a blockchain-powered platform that opens up a world of possibility for gaming, charity, retail, and many other industries. GEON Network’s app will allow users to securely transfer, exchange and store value, regardless of the local infrastructure – using only a smartphone,” says Radek. “It’s like Pokemon Go meets Foursquare, but with more features and real rewards.”[/perfectpullquote]

Some ways GEON 1.0.0 can be used:

By 2021, the combined market size of augmented and virtual reality is expected to reach 215 billion U.S. dollars. With tech giants helping developers secure the right tools, the development of new software will rise dramatically. In addition, the use of location-based software for hyper-local relevant content and ads is proving to be hugely effective in engaging with consumers worldwide.

“The unique combination of AR and location, with the added tool of secure value transfer, means the applications are endless,” says Radek. “We are excited to get the app into the hands of users and developers and to explore the many ways it can be used.”

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