RightMesh connectivity network integrates with Tenta crypto browser

RightMesh, a connectivity company developing a decentralized mobile mesh network has announced a new integration partnership with Tenta, a private and secure crypto browser. Their mission is to get more people online, especially in areas that are underserved or lacking proper infrastructure.

The RightMesh mesh network utilizes Android phones and IoT devices as nodes to bring internet access to underserved areas. Once integrated, Tenta users will be able to easily send encrypted files directly to nearby devices on the network without using data or transmitting the files to third-party servers.

“Tenta and RightMesh hold similar values. Both our companies believe in the right of the people to access the internet without fear of being tracked by governments — or big companies. With this partnership, Tenta will be able to offer our mobile users encrypted file sharing over WIFI or Bluetooth by utilizing RightMesh’s p2p networking technology and Tenta’s built-in encrypted media vault.”

Jesse Adams, CEO, and co-founder of Tenta
Tenta Browser offers users built-in secure connection options, such as encrypted virtual private networks (VPNs). With this integration, Tenta will soon have the option to connect to a RightMesh network. By doing so, those users contribute to the network’s infrastructure.

With every user/node, the network gets stronger, more reliable, faster — and more accessible. Through this power of connectivity, people in underserved areas or in regions that lack the proper infrastructure will be able to get online.

“The connectivity that mesh networks provide are strengthened as more people join the mesh. Similarly, our network is strengthened when we partner with like-minded projects committed to the goal of bringing unfettered connectivity to underserved. Tenta has created a powerful browser application that allows users to share encrypted files, and with RightMesh’s peer-to-peer connectivity powering that sharing mechanism, we’ll start to see the digital divide shrink.”

John Lyotier, CEO and Co-Founder of RightMesh

Tenta acts as a secure gateway to a new class of blockchain protocols, decentralized networks, dApps and browser extensions with a higher standard of data privacy. Tenta Browser secures the best of current data networks while adding the best new features coming from the crypto revolution. RightMesh joins MetaMask and Orchid Labs as Tenta’s latest blockchain integration partner.

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