Unikrn’s crypto betting platform for eSports approved for Isle of Man license

Unikrn, a leader in eSports entertainment and wagering, today announced it has finalized their Isle of Man license approval. The impending rollout will allow users to bet on top eSports teams and tournaments, as well as activate skill-based betting wherein gamers can bet on their own success in top titles including Fortnite, Dota 2 and League of Legends.

UnikoinGold (UKG), Unikrn’s native cryptocurrency, will unlock exclusive benefits for players and bettors and will become the primary crypto token for eSports wagering in these regions, which include 80% of Europe and parts of Asia and Latin America.

Last year, the eSports platform raised over $100m through the UnikoinGold ICO.

The platform will feature technology from Bittrex, a leading U.S. digital asset trading platform, to build a system creating seamless crypto accessibility for customers of Unikrn’s wagering and gaming platform. UnikoinGold customers will enjoy easy access to UKG, by using a Bittrex powered transaction engine that will make acquiring UKG as simple as buying it with a credit card at Unikrn.com.

Unikrn has already built a fully-functional, blockchain-based wagering backend called Unikrn Jet, which can power over 9,000 bets per second. This engine for betting is already live for their play token economy and can be immediately turned over for regulated crypto and fiat betting.

“Unikrn built the most advanced wagering backend in the world, built by incorporating blockchain technologies, and we’re entering a segment of the global games market which exceeds $30 billion. Equally historic for eSports, wagering, and blockchain, we’re the first company on the planet to launch with a license including crypto and fiat betting from the Isle of Man, which is home to one of the most respected regulators for gambling.”

Rahul Sood, Unikrn co-founder and CEO

Unikrn will launch live betting for eSports and gaming contests in October, both for crypto and fiat customers.

“With further development and support, blockchain technology can deliver revolutionary solutions to people and businesses around the world. We believe in blockchain’s potential, and this use case presents another opportunity to further expand the adoption of this innovative technology by combining with the rapidly growing gaming market.”

Bittrex CEO Bill Shihara

“This is long in the making. You can bet in fiat, crypto, or both, to bet on live markets or pre-match for twenty titles and dozens of games a day on titles such as League of Legends, Dota, and Fortnite.”

Andrew Vouris, Unikrn COO
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