Peerplays BookiePro closer to mainnet with source code released of new testnet

Peerplays Blockchain Standards Association (PBSA), creator of the gaming blockchain Peerplays today stated that the next step in bringing decentralized sports betting service BookiePro to mainnet (Alice) has been to merge the BookiePro betting exchange code with the existing Alice code, to create a new Peerplays baseline for mainnet.

This is now ready and PBSA recommended that Baxter testnet be replaced with a new testnet using the new baseline code. PBSA suggested that the new testnet is called “Beatrice”, to distinguish from Baxter.

The current Peerplays testnet (Baxter) launched in May 2018, and has successfully supported the public beta of decentralized sports betting service BookiePro (under the brand

The source code for this new baseline testnet (Beatrice) is being released today. This is the first time that the blockchain source code for BookiePro has been released to the public (Baxter was released closed source to Witnesses).

Peerplays said that the new on-chain affiliate program source code will also be part of today’s release. All new code will be released under MIT license, as per the rest of the Peerplays blockchain code.

The genesis block that PBSA has produced for Beatrice differs slightly from the Alice genesis block:

PBSA recommends that Witnesses stop running Baxter by the end of October. Beatrice is to replace Baxter as the Peerplays testnet. There will be no product running on Beatrice that will be marketed to end users – Beatrice will be a testnet only. A new play money BookiePro product will be available once BookiePro moves to mainnet, under the brand name

The brand name “” was for the public beta only and will be retired by the end of October, in line with Baxter being wound down. As such, there will be a period of approximately 8 weeks when there is no BookiePro play money product available to the public. This is unfortunate, but a necessary by-product of the progress being made towards sustainable testnet and mainnet releases.

Provisional BookiePro Release Schedule