ITBiometrics introduces “cold” fingerprint cryptocurrency hardware wallet

ITBiometrics (ITB), a security company specializing in biometric authentication has announced its new cryptocurrency wallet security solution. The company’s hardware “cold” fingerprint wallet addresses needs of cryptocurrency owners to transact without the need for PINs, passwords or passphrases even in multiple signature applications.

ITB’s authentication combines thermal signature detection, heartbeat sensing and fingerprint(s) to verify identity. In conjunction with patented encryption, ITBiometrics offers unique security and advanced authorization capabilities to a broad spectrum of industries.

The Problems ITB Addresses

The ITB team is led by CEO Andy Finch, President of RMI, a startup consultancy; he is a global executive for a large multi-national and tech startup veteran. Moreover, Tony Zakula serves as CTO, he is CEO of Kodaris, a digital transformation platform; he is a successful FinTech entrepreneur and software development executive.

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