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Donocle – A Unified Lottery Platform that Offers Assurance and Transparency

A lottery system provides individuals with opportunities to earn extra money. The lottery system has been around for a long time and has witnessed many significant advancements. However, challenges such as slow processing time, lack of security and flexibility, high commission charges, etc. make its process rather inefficient for the common masses. With an aim to eliminate these challenges and provide a credible platform for users, Donocle is a decentralized network built within the blockchain domain that allows people across the globe to participate in various lottery activities and earn stable profits in return. The platform has integrated Open Data Flow (ODF) system that monitors and verifies the money flow in real time to ascertain trust and transparency.

A Simple and Efficient Raffling System

Donocle offers a simple and interactive interface that allows users to seamlessly participate in various raffle activities. To begin with, users have to purchase tickets by using any of the provided 50 tokens or coins on the zone. Thereafter, each player is provided with a unique six-digit number generated by the BTC counter. All the players are informed of the total number of coins issued, sales numbers, and sales price to ensure transparency. As the sale progresses, these figures are frequently updated for the users. Players have to create a wallet on the platform to purchase the lottery tickets, after which they are provided with a dashboard wherein their respective numbers are displayed. Prices of the tickets are determined as the BTC market price is introduced on the cryptocurrency exchange.

Prize Money Allocation in Donocle Platform

Donocle is derived from the words ‘Donate’ and ‘Circle.’ 70% of the money received after the token sale is distributed amongst the winners based on their composition share, 3% is donated towards charity and the remaining is used for operational purposes and POS (Proof-of-System) system. Additionally, the winners have the option to either retain the cryptocurrency they have obtained as prize money or exchange it for cash in the market.

Donocle Airdrop- Availing Users with Stable Returns

Donocle enables its users to avail a steady return on investments through its notable Airdrop feature. With Donocle Airdrop, users can deposit their tokens in the Proof-of-Stake system and earn incentives in return. Moreover, the Airdrop treasury is accumulated with the coins/tokens that users have utilized to purchase raffle tickets on the platform (when users pay crypto coins or tokens, Donocle tokens or MIB coins). Out of the total funds collected, 10% is reserved for Airdrop, which is provided to users based on the POS proportion.

Play Lottery Games and Win Substantial Rewards

By leveraging blockchain technology, Donocle has designed raffle games for its users to play and earn money. There are primarily two games offered on the platform:-

496 Games

496 Games is an easy and fun game where users have to select any six digits from 1 to 49. The raffle takes place at 00:00 UTC every Sunday, and the block nonce value of BTC is considered as the raffle number. To determine the winner, blocks are created in the BTC blockchain for the six cancelled blocks. If there is no winner to claim the prize money, it is transferred to the next raffle session until there is a winner.

Mini Lotto

In this game, the nonce value of a single block determines the winner. The winning number is determined at 00:00 UTC every day. Mini Lotto also allows overlapping numbers and users need to match 5 numbers. Similar to the 496 Games, if there are no winners, the prize money is transferred to the next session until there is a winner to claim the prize.

A Reliable and Secure Global Lottery Project

Donocle is a blockchain based platform that allows individuals to seamlessly participate in various raffle activities and earn substantial monetary gains in return. The platform has offered a transparent and secure network that eliminates the critical challenges of conventional lottery systems effectively.

The ICO period for Donocole Network is scheduled for October 8th – January 31st.

The Presale event includes the following benefits:

  • 08 Oct – 21 Oct | Bonus = 100%
  • 22 Oct – 04 Nov | Bonus = 50%
  • 04 Nov – 18 Nov | Bonus = 20%

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