Apollon welcomes LAPO Blockchain on its masterode platform

Blockchain financial ecosystem LAPO announced today it has partnered with Apollon (XAP), a company that provides services to create masternodes. The partnership offers LAPO Coin holders an easy way to set-up their masternodes through a software without worrying about servers and without the need of having technical knowledge for its configuration and maintenance.

Masternodes are a core part of the LAPO Blockchain network and provide vital stability and features such as privacy and instant transactions. They do not require huge computational power to solve complex mathematical problems. Instead, a “stake” of LAPO coins is blocked in order to participate on the blockchain reward.

On the LAPO Blockchain website, users can buy masternodes and find a configuration guide to do the set-up by themselves. Masternodes provide an opportunity for passive income without the heavy environmental cost.

Apollon provides VPS, maintenance, and installation of masternodes to simplify this task. They will set-up and host those masternodes, avoiding the user the complication of renting public servers like VPS and having technical knowledge of Linux to set up and maintain them.

The LAPO Blockchain team says it will always provide the support to set up masternodes for their community when required. Moreover, if the coin holder has the technical knowledge, he can still set up the masternode on its own.

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