TokenSoft coin issuance platform adds support for Hyperledger Sawtooth

TokenSoft, a SaaS platform, and treasury management solution for secure and compliant token sales today announced official support for Hyperledger Sawtooth, a modular platform for building, deploying, and running enterprise blockchains. TokenSoft’s clients will now have the ability to issue their assets on the Hyperledger Sawtooth network, which has already been adopted by technology giants such as Amazon, Intel, T-Mobile, and Huawei.

Benefits of Hyperledger Sawtooth:

Enterprise-Grade Scalability and Features

Sawtooth is highly scalable due to its unique Proof of Elapsed Time (or PoET) consensus mechanism. This enables a maximum throughput of 1300 transactions per second. A high transaction throughput is one of the keys to enterprise adoption, as most large institutions need to process significant amounts of data at a rapid clip. It also enables the use of adjustable permissions, allowing issuers to control who can participate in their network — an essential feature for enterprises.

Ethereum Interface Support via Sawtooth Seth

Compatibility with Ethereum smart contracts enables the usage of Ethereum standards like ERC-20, and allows for interoperability between Sawtooth projects and the Ethereum ecosystem. Sawtooth is also featuring a developer interface built around Ethereum software tools, making for a familiar and easy-to-use programming environment.

Flexible Smart Contract Development Support

The Hyperledger Sawtooth platform enables developers to write their smart contracts in a variety of languages including JavaScript, Python, and Go. Developers do their best work coding in whatever language they are most familiar with — so this important feature ensures that they are able to maximize their talent.

This announcement follows the recent implementation by TokenSoft of blockchain-based issuances on Stellar and R3 Corda, two other major blockchain platforms designed for enterprise use.

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