Ambrosus (AMB) bringing proof-of-quality to PREMIUM Goods Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla

Ambrosus, a public blockchain, and internet of things (IoT) platform concentrated on bringing transparency and quality assurance to global supply chains, has announced a partnership with PREMIUM Goods, a newly founded French Flavoring Company.

Ambrosus is using blockchain and IoT to provide transparency and proof of quality to one of the world’s most precious commodities: Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla. The reason why the project is significant is that it is one of the first times that the vanilla supply chain has been digitized, which has historically been very difficult to do, due to the lack of technological infrastructure.

Ambrosus (AMB) uses QR codes and zip ties to scan the vanilla when it arrives at the production plant in order to digitally record the origin of vanilla. After careful preparation, the vanilla is then scanned again when it is bundled according to its grade and boxed for export. A QR code is then sent with the packaged vanilla in order for the company or end consumer to scan it and see exactly where it has been and what quality it is.

Vanilla is the world’s second most expensive spice which, for over 500 years, has been a prized commodity selectively sourced from only a few locations around the globe. From ice cream, baked goods, and desserts, to cosmetics, and medical care, vanilla is a highly desired product with numerous use-cases. As such a valuable and broadly used commodity, verifying the quality and origins of vanilla is of paramount importance to producers, retailers, and consumers.

The Proof of Concept between Ambrosus and PREMIUM Goods centers upon proving the origin and grade of all of the vanilla that PREMIUM Goods ships from Madagascar. PREMIUM Goods is a newly founded company focused on 1) sourcing – establishing where the vanilla comes from, 2) first transformation – perfecting how the vanilla is made into an extract from its original bean, and 3) demonstrating complete traceability, in every possible way, for all vanilla sold on the market.