ERC20 token exchange Radar Relay v2 brings improvements and Trezor connect

Radar Relay, the peer-to-peer trading platform for Ethereum-based tokens built on the 0x Protocol recently updated to v2 which brought aboard a variety of updates and improvements.

The Radar Relay application came out of beta this past summer, and also received an investment of $10 million to continue its development path.

To date, the Radar Relay app has executed over 50,000 trades, racked up $180 million in trading volume, and now offers over 170+ tokens on the platform, while serving up to 4 million API requests every 24 hours.

What v2 Brings
Technical Updates

For v2, Radar Relay’s backend and SDK was updated to be compliant with 0x Protocol v2. The team says that this was a crucial refactor to support the v2 standard relayer API and batch cancels noted above.

To build upon the strong foundation laid and ensure longevity, Radar Relay has also taken used v2 to make inclusive behind the scenes improvements to the app.

Updates include:

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