3rd generation blockchain developer YGGDRASH launches interchain testnet

The key feature of the YGGDRASH testnet is that it implemented multichain.

YGGDRASH, a 3rd generation blockchain development project based in South Korea, announced it has successfully launched its first testnet.

A trust-based multi-dimensional blockchain, the /yGGDRASH team is building with a vision to  “digitize everything into reality” and to connect everything and any blockchain networks. YGGDRASH’s main-net is called STEM, and its cryptocurrency is

“YGGDRASH aims to create a platform with dApp that can be applied to real business by solving problems of other blockchain platforms. YGGDRASH has always uploaded the latest source including testnet to Github (https://github.com/yggdrash) to demonstrate its value as a development code and to highlight the value of open source.”
– Peter Ryu, CTO of YGGDRASH

In some recent development, YGGDRASH has increased accessibility and usability making the interface look like the familiar explorer. Users can search and view the latest blocks, recent transactions, branches registered on the Stem Chain, all blocks, each block, branch’s specifications and directions of multichain implementations.

“dApps that run on YGGDRASH’s main net will ensure independence at the level of Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO. The goal of YGGDRASH is to implement an interchain platform such as DNS (Domain Name Service) logic of the Internet on a blockchain, making it more accessible for more companies to build upon and more users to utilize.”
– David Seo, CEO of YGGDRASH

The testnet is available at https://testnet.yggdrash.io