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Ares Tech and BigchainDB collaborate for blockchain gaming use cases

BigchainDB, a scalable blockchain database allowing developers and enterprise to deploy proofs-of-concept, platforms and applications announced it has collaborated with Ares Tech to build a prototype for a blockchain-based gaming platform. The BigchainDB based game asset management service will be one building block of Ares Tech’s scalable blockchain social gaming network.

The gaming industry is full of digital assets: rewards, characters, unique items, and currencies to name a few. At the same time, it’s an industry dominated by a few centralized and non-transparent platforms. This makes it a very interesting area for the application of blockchain.

A prominent example in recent history is CryptoKitties. In the first 2 weeks, cumulative transaction volume in CryptoKitties went from 0 to over 6 million USD, making it not only one of the most successful dApps, but also one of the first live blockchain production use cases.

The Ares Tech prototype brings together blockchain operations and security to gaming. The prototype utilizes the BigchainDB blockchain feature of divisible assets to store and transfer data. Divisible assets are a special type of assets in BigchainDB that use crypto-conditions to prove who is the owner of what amount of an asset.

Assets can represent anything from transferable rewards, currencies and unique items in games. In this prototype with Ares Tech, BigchainDB modeled game items and amounts, properties and rules as BigchainDB assets. This helps in maintaining an immutable source of truth for the games and their players.

This solution is built as a generic platform so that developers can quickly integrate blockchain features in any game without understanding the underlying blockchain technologies — currently a significant barrier to blockchain adoption.

“Game development models with decentralized components and cryptocurrencies will open up more direct consumer facing interaction and monetization between developers, designers, musicians and everyone involved during a game lifetime which is nonrestricted to the off-line world. The current ecosystem for gaming on blockchain has limits for a complete development experience and implementation, however, our joint effort with BigchainDB amplified our scalability at the blockchain level, where we can now support an entirely new generation of creative games which are accessible to everyone.”

Christian Gehl, CTO of Ares Tech

“BigchainDB is a great solution to create and transfer unique digital assets that are truly owned by the end-user. The gaming industry is full of potential applications for unique digital assets and we are clearly seeing more traction in this space. Our collaboration with Ares Tech is a great first step towards tapping the potential of the gaming industry.”

Gautam Dhameja, Head of Consulting Services at BigchainDB

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