Hong Kong bitcoin exchange Gatecoin implements express onboarding

Hong Kong bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange Gatecoin today announced the launch of its redesigned exchange along with user signup changes. The Gatecoin team has been working the past months to improve its infrastructure and upgrade their website to create an improved experience for users.

Further, a change was made for new registrants who wish to trade crypto-to-crypto without the fiat gateway. New users will now NOT be required to submit KYC documents when opening the account, which allows for rapid onboarding.

The only action needed to begin crypto-to-crypto trading will be the verification of the user’s email. The changes will allow users to trade immediately, however, users who wish to withdrawal any cryptocurrencies will be required to upgrade their account as part of the process.

Next-Level Verification

The new verification requirements are only possible for new crypto-to-crypto traders, users who wish to transfer fiat will still need to submit the required KYC documents. Account holders who are verified are able to transfer-in unlimited BTC and ETH.

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