Komodo KMD listed on CoinFlip ATMs, launches dedicated exchange on CoinSwitch

Komodo, the home of cross-chain contracts, atomic swaps, the BarterDEX decentralized exchange, and launchpad for blockchain entrepreneurs has had a strong year developing their ecosystem. Today, the team has announced two more progressions for the Komodo platform and its native crypto token KMD.

First, Komodo announced that the KMD token has been integrated into CoinFlip’s network of cryptocurrency ATMs. CoinFlip has both one-way and two-way ATMs across thirteen different states in the USA. Two-way ATMs allow users to make both purchases and sales of seven different cryptocurrencies, now including KMD.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”Komodo Business Development Manager Jason Brown” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]“There are very few ways to enter altcoins from fiat or to convert from altcoins back into fiat and, because of this, a large proportion of potential users of Komodo are being shut out. Integrations such as that with CoinFlip allows us to expand beyond the pool of early technology investors into businesses and consumers.”[/perfectpullquote]

Second, Komodo and crypto exchange CoinSwitch have teamed up to launch a KMD dedicated exchange that allows users to trade for KMD at the lowest possible rate without having to register at a centralized crypto exchange.

CoinSwitch basically works like a search engine for crypto exchanges, hunting for the best rates at which KMD can be traded. Then, traders can make transactions without having to go through the lengthy and intrusive registration process that most centralized exchanges require.

In March of this year, Komodo was listed on CoinSwitch, a cryptocurrency exchange that supports over 275 coins and tokens and boasts more than 45,000 trading pairs.

Recent notable achievements this year for Komodo saw in June the listing of KMD on Bitpanda, an EU crypto exchange, which provides a direct fiat gateway to KMD. Also, in July, the platform formed a partnership with Netcoins, which makes KMD available for purchase at over 21,000 physical locations across three continents. Last month, Komodo was integrated into Cred, a cryptocurrency micro-investing app, it also stuck a partnership with Peer2Group, a fiat gateway for dApps.

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