Issuance platform TokenSoft now supports R3’s Corda blockchain

TokenSoft, a blockchain token issuance and compliance platform today announced that it is officially launching support for projects on R3’s Corda blockchain platform. TokenSoft clients such as ArQit will now be able to issue tokens on the Corda blockchain using the Cordite Foundation software development kit.

As the security token landscape has matured, so has the array of TokenSoft’s clients. Initially, a landscape developed by open source developers – security tokens are entering the enterprise blockchain space, setting an elevated bar for the underlying blockchain.

Benefits of using R3’s Corda platform include:

Increased Transaction Speeds

Stable and Mature Network

Easy to Use Tools

Mason Borda. TokenSoft CEO said:

“With tools like Cordite and Corda, we’re excited to provide enterprises and financial institutions with the tools they need to launch stable, performant, high throughput decentralized applications on the blockchain. If you’d like to learn more about how we’re enabling compliant primary issuances on Corda.”

Last week, the TokenSoft team announced the integration of the Stellar blockchain for token issuance.

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