Invictus Capital invests in crypto trading platform Quantfury

Invictus Capital, the provider of a diverse range of data-science backed funds for cryptocurrency investors today announced that its Invictus Hyperion Fund has invested in Quantfury, a next-generation trading platform.

The Hyperion Fund has made a significant early round (MVP stage) investment in Quantfury, and Invictus Capital has formed a strategic partnership with them.

Quantfury allows users to trade cryptocurrencies as well as other capital markets. A key feature is the Quantfury smart contract will accept cryptocurrency deposits as trading collateral, enabling users to trade immediately with leverage up to 20x.

Their mission is to provide transparent, seamless trading with zero trade commissions or leverage fees.

This investment is disclosed to ensure full transparency ahead of the Hyperion Fund (IHF) token listing on September 17th, 2018. A full investment report on Quantfury will be available in the near-term.