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PCHAIN testnet 1.0 ready to empower Pchain ecosystem

Enthusiasts of PCHAIN, the native multi-chain system that supports EVM for large-scale blockchain applications will be happy to hear that the PCHAIN testnet will go live ahead of schedule. The PCHAIN testnet will launch on September 12th, 2018. PCHAIN’s mainnet is scheduled to launch in March 2019.

PCHAIN PDBFT  Test:  On July 6th, PCHAIN successfully completed an intercontinental consensus test, Asia, Singapore, Europe, Germany, and the Americas Silicon Valley. The 30 cross-continent nodes of PCHAIN can reach consensus, which means that when PCHAIN is officially launched, all nodes can guarantee the normal operation of PCHAIN and provide stable services to the outside world.

At present, most of the algorithms that can be implemented across continents are POW classes, while PDBFT, which was invented by PCHAIN, is the first PBFT class algorithm that can span continents. On 14th July,2018, based on the PDBFT consensus mechanism, PCHAIN finished consensus testing of 200 nodes.

PCHAIN TPS Progress:  The PCHAIN 10k main mode lines for testnet were performed on Aug 6, 2018. Those interested can see in this video, the multichain branch & BLS branch and new one stack branch.

On August 9th, PCHAIN officially announced that PCHAIN has completed 128 child chain. On the 13th of August, PCHAIN released a screenshot of testnet 1.0 for the community. The entry-level result is 20k TPS with the final TPS proposed to be much higher. The website of  PCHAIN testnet 1. 0 has been completed and the number of supernodes was over 1000.

August 23rd, PCHAIN officially announced that PCHAIN reached 35k TPS with 100,000x node cost reduction. PCHAIN achieved 10 times TPS with 143 times node cost reduction, 64 times on CPU and 244 times on memory.

PCHAIN’s global local full node test recruitment plan

In order to provide the community with stable and dynamic balanced consensus node services, PCHAIN officially launched PCHAIN Dynamic Super Node Plan Eve—Executive Super Node Campaign on August 22nd, 2018. The team plans to recruit the first batch of 10% Dynamic Super Node candidates around the world for this campaign. All the participants will get 8%~10% profits as a reward. More rules will be announced later.

PCHAIN’s 3 innovation points

1. The 1st multichain supports EVM and interoperability between the main chain and child chains as the “native” multichain.

2. PDBFT consensus greatly reduced communication cost from N^2 to N, which can achieve better efficiency with DPOS and 100 times decentralization.

3. PCHAIN Panda Dynamic Super Node which introduced a dynamic mechanism in POS rewarding system to reduce the Matthew Effect and make the whole system more stable and equate regarding smart data and cross chain. PCHAIN already developed the 1st version and the internal test will be online in testnet 2.0

The key features of PCHAIN

a) Invocation of Smart Contract for non-native Tokens

The PCHAIN Network supports cross-chain calls. With the toolkit provided by the PCHAIN Network, the smart contract on the PCHAIN Network can be invoked using non-native Tokens of other chains. The toolkit currently supports BCH and tokens following the ERC20 protocol.

b) Consensus of Sharding

The PCHAIN Network supports the expansion of chain and improves operational efficiency by introducing Sharding mechanisms at different levels and supporting POS consensus mechanism.

1. Knowledge Graph and Smart Data – The goal of PCHAIN Smart Data is to generate valuable data, filter the noise of the data, and become an element of the smart contracts Oracle.

2. Supporting EVM – The PCHAIN Network now uses Solidity + EVM for smart contracts in both its main chain and side chain so that existing EVM users can quickly build new or migrate existing DApp applications on the PCHAIN Network.

PCHAIN is a native multi-chain system supporting EVM, with original PDBFT algorithm, unified knowledge graph, and smart data Oracle mechanism. PCHAIN aims to make large-scale industrial applications of blockchain smart contracts possible.

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