Apex Network to improve engagement for B2C dApp development

APEX Technologies, a data technology and AI firm focused on improving B2C engagement, will soon be launching the APEX Network, an enterprise blockchain solution for the next generation of B2C applications. APEX Network will be serving customers of its parent company, which includes over 350 mid-large sized enterprises such as Lenovo, Hilton, Maserati, DBS, and Michael Kors.

In order to better the interactions between enterprises and their customers, APEX Network’s proprietary blockchain technology allows its clients to easily develop their own customized decentralized applications (dApps) and offer increased privacy and ownership of data to their consumers.

Earlier this year, APEX Network led a successful fundraising of $25 million. The Microsoft Accelerator program graduate is now supplying a modern solution to the B2C market, focusing on the entire customer lifecycle by making transactions and workflows more transparent and secure, leading to better quality consumer experiences.

In a capitalist market where businesses are focused on beating the competition and consumers are in-turn overwhelmed by the number of options, client satisfaction is being overlooked. The centralization and data hoarding by 3rd parties has created a ‘data problem’, where the consumer has no control over their own information and consequently receives unsatisfying results. In order for businesses to re-instill trust in their customers, they are forced to tackle the issues surrounding data security, transparency, accuracy, legal consent, and compliance.

As for what APEX calls the ‘B2C interaction problem’ which includes ineffective loyalty and customer retention management (CRM) programs, solutions have been focused on purchase behavior rather than long-term customer experience.

APEX introduces a blockchain-based ecosystem which transforms how interactions, information, and value is exchanged through the B2C engagement process. Brands and enterprises will be able to build and deploy decentralized applications to be used as customer lifecycle solutions for marketing, CRM, customer experience optimization, loyalty, and customer insights. The platform’s framework provides the network flexibility, scalability, and security, while protecting customer data through advanced identity management, access control with customizable sets of policies, and encryption.

Businesses and consumers will be able to seamlessly utilize APEX Network for use cases including data transactions, gamification, reward exchanges, interactive messaging, consumer insights and analytics, IoT interactions. The APEX Wallet, available on both Android and iOS, will help support APEX Network’s ecosystem growth and enterprise partnerships. The wallet’s main features include support of NEP-5 and ERC-20 coins, multi-wallet management and backup, and asset transfers via QR-code.

“Blockchain technology is a game-changer to the B2C landscape, and has allowed us to upgrade our services and give our clients the ability to better understand and engage with their customers, while providing consumers greater control and privacy over their data. The APEX Node Ecosystem program will serve to facilitate functionality, governance, and infrastructural support for APEX Network, and in turn will provide value for its stakeholders, community, partners, and participating enterprises. Our plan is to start with a pilot program in Q4 of this year with a select number of participants.”

Jimmy Hu, CEO of APEX Network
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