Crypto exchange CoinBene adds support for Nano

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange Coinbene today announced the listing of Nano to the exchange. Nano is a low-latency cryptocurrency that relies on minimal features to function, making it ideal for peer-to-peer transactions. Nano initially launched in 2015 under the name Raiblocks, and was rebranded to Nano in January 2018.

Using block-lattice architecture Nano allows each account to have its own blockchain, enabling instant transactions and zero fees. Transactions are conducted in real-time, and unsynchronized from the rest of the network, resulting in faster operations. Nano can run on low-power hardware and there are no miners on its network.

“At CoinBene, we pride ourselves on maintaining high standards in order to offer only the best crypto assets on our platform. Nano is a crypto asset with real-world use cases that solves many of the problems with other digital currencies, like low transaction speeds and high power consumption. We’re happy to be able to offer Nano on the CoinBene platform”.

Feng Bo, Global Vice President at CoinBene


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