Ethereum wallet on Wirex now live following launch of XRP

Following their XRP wallet launch, cryptocurrency app Wirex today announced the addition of an Ethereum wallet to its suite of services.

Wirex can now facilitate the exchange of Ethereum with other cryptocurrencies, as well as allow users to buy, sell and spend both fiat and cryptocurrency instantly via the Wirex Visa Payment card, which is now available in the EU.

“Ethereum is the second highest-value cryptocurrency after Bitcoin and its inclusion on our platform marks an important step for Wirex users,” says Pavel Matveev, Wirex co-founder.

To mark the launch of the ETH wallet, Wirex has teamed up with CryptoDisrupt to donate 20 ETH to a charity chosen by the cryptocurrency community. Users can nominate a charity of their choice by September 11th; the winning charity will be selected randomly on September 14th.

Dmitry Lazarichev, a co-founder of Wirex, said, “Ethereum stands out from other cryptocurrencies because whilst it is a digital currency, it has an entirely different protocol to Bitcoin. Besides using Ether to transfer money, it allows you to execute smart contracts. These smart contracts will have the effect of eventually eliminating the middle man from contracts, resulting in savings for the consumer.”

Last month, Wirex made news by being granted a UK e-money license which will allow it to bring its full set of services to United Kingdom users.

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