Trinity fully releases Ethereum-based State Channel Protocol

Trinity, a universal off-chain scaling solution has announced that after months of development, the ETH-based Trinity State Channel Protocol has now been officially released.

The release of ETH-based Trinity Protocol is a landmark, but now the work begins of “building a community, an ecosystem and an excellent scaling solution for all.”

In the days ahead, Trinity will continue optimization of the ETH-based Trinity Protocol, making it secure and stable, and perfecting user experience.

The Trinity team said:

“We welcome everyone to experience ETH-based Trinity, configure nodes, and develop dapps using the ETH-based Trinity State Channel Protocol.”

“Trinity’s general and open-source features will be further demonstrated in the next work. The team would like to express sincere gratitude to all developers, community members, participants, and supporters.”

What Can Trinity Do?

Trinity aims to achieve real-time payments with low transaction fees, scalability and privacy protection for mainchain assets. Using state channel technology, Trinity will significantly increase the transaction throughput of underlying chains as well as the assets on smart contracts.

TNC cross-chain converter facilitates the data and value flow between multiple chains. Trinity will be a fully autonomous and decentralized performance-enhancing network for the entire ecosystem and provides all-around support to Dapps on bottom layer chains in the future.

Trinity Simple Node Deployment Platform

In order to facilitate community users to deploy nodes, Trinity has also developed a simple node deployment platform (ETH-based), with which users can complete web-based automation node construction with one click.

In order to provide better service and engage the community, the Trinity team will distribute a quota for the one-click node deployment experience through the server provided by Trinity. Those interested can fill out the application form. The window to complete the application is from September 3rd to 7th. Users’ ETH wallet address and the registered email address of Trinity’s official website are required for the application.

The Trinity team will conduct a comprehensive review of applicants’ activeness, contribution and the number of tokens held in their ETH address. The result will be sent to the designated email address within 5 working days after the application has ended.

On the Node Platform, the Trinity team said:

“The functions of Trinity’s simple node deployment platform will gradually open up. The Neo-based simple node deployment platform will continue its development and optimization. More features will be revealed and open to users in the future.”

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