Dapp platform Vite releases preview versions of block explorer and wallet

Vite, a high performance asynchronous decentralized application platform has announced the public release of the Vite block explorer and wallet (preview version). The release marks a milestone achievement for ViteLabs after two months of development and testing.

The preview versions of explorer and wallet were developed for the purposes of displaying basic functions of Vite and soliciting suggestions from users.

Note that this version only includes a small part of Vite’s basic functions without any optimization for performance.

The main functions can be seen below:

Block Explorer (Preview Version)

Notes: More stats will become available in the next version; currently, some sections will say “No data available.”

Vite Desktop Wallet (Preview Version)

Notes: Account recovery with the private key is not supported in this version and will be added in next versions.

The Vite Lab team says it will continue releasing new versions periodically in order to implement more functions, resolve bugs and gradually optimize the performance.

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