Hybrid decentralized crypto exchange Blockport to integrate Bitfinex

Blockport, an end-to-end hybrid decentralized crypto exchange aggregator today announced that it will be officially integrating bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex as its second external exchange. Blockport connects to external exchanges in order to aggregate liquidity and offer its users the best possible prices. The first external exchange on Blockport was Bitstamp.

The Bitfinex integration means that Blockport will be able to support a broad range of new coins and tokens in the upcoming months. In total, Bitfinex supports 93 crypto tokens and coins, which can potentially be added to the Blockport platform.

The Blockport team said:

“The listing process will be gradual and dependent on numerous factors such as legal, regulatory and marketing strategy. We are very much open to get in touch with all projects that have their coin or token listed on Bitfinex, so that we can thoroughly assess their project for a listing on Blockport.”

Increased deposit limit

In line with the Bitfinex integration, the team also confirmed today that the deposit limits will be raised from 2,500 EUR per user to a monthly limit of 50,000 EUR per user. This will greatly open the doors for larger traders to use the Blockport platform.

Blockport future roadmap

Apart from the Bitfinex integration, Blockport said it is currently working on the first version of the platform’s social trading features, native BPT/EUR trading pair, credit card support and many other functionalities still to be announced.

Additionally, the Blockport team is preparing an internal listing policy to accept future listings of new tokens and coins on Blockport.

Blockport beta

The current beta version allows users to buy, sell and exchange the five cryptocurrencies directly with Euro.  The Blockport native token (BPT) allows users to pay for a discounted trading fee and ‘social trading’ features directly on the platform. The Blockport native BPT token is currently only available on KuCoin exchange, but will soon be able to be purchased directly on the Blockport exchange.

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