PrimaBlock partners with GoChain to offer syndicates ICO investments

PrimaBlock, a blockchain service for crypto pooling and GoChain, a scalable, decentralized cryptocurrency and blockchain that supports smart contracts and distributed applications announced today they are entering a strategic partnership to offer crypto syndicates a platform for GoChain ICO investments.

The release of its long-awaited cross-chain pooling technology was also announced by PrimaBlock, enabling investors to contribute and receive tokens from different blockchains. PrimaBlock’s blockchain platform allows the pooling of funds via smart contracts to participate in ICO’s. PrimaBlock has already helped more than 100k+ investors fund 200+ ICOs.

“Cross-chain technology is one step further toward a truly decentralized ecosystem, enabling communities from different chains to interact and coexist, giving birth to a meta chain.”

Mickael Fourgeaud, CEO, PrimaBlock

“We have a few projects in the pipeline which will push the limits of what’s possible in the decentralized application space. Our cross-chain integration with GoChain is an example of one of those projects. However, although we try to innovate at a fast pace, I cannot understate the importance of our efforts to maintain a very high standard of engineering discipline. We strive to write robust and extremely well-tested code for our smart contracts and backend. We believe it’s necessary for every blockchain product to get periodic security reviews and that’s why we’ve had 2 external security audits in 6 months.”

Tamir Sen, CTO, PrimaBlock

The GoChain team is composed of experienced engineers guided by skilled and driven founders. They are tackling one of the most significant issues of current blockchain technologies, scalability while retaining support for smart contracts and decentralized applications. They also already expressed their interest to support developers and new applications, as well as signing strong partnerships regarding upcoming ICOs.

The interoperability between the two chains allows investors to contribute both in ETH and GO.

PrimaBlock users are now able to make investments in the following:

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