QLC Chain development community takes over WinQ development and operation

It was announced from QLC Chain, a public blockchain for Network-as-a-Service (NaaS), that it has decided to hand over the development and operation of WinQ, a utility dApp developed by the QLC Chain team for telecom asset sharing to its core development community.

WinQ is currently stable and is ready to enter the community development and operation stage. This decision is aligned with the QLC Chain vision to make WinQ open-sourced. The PlayBlockz collective developer community was formed from the QLC Chain community and starting today, they officially took over the development and operation of WinQ.

The key members of the PlayBlockz Collective are based in Europe. The team has a wide range of expertise from front-end and back-end design and product operation. The QLC team will continue to focus on the development of the underlying public chain technology.