Stakenet (XSN) implements Lightning Network upgrade, prepares for highly anticipated Lightning Swaps 

Proof-of-Stake blockchain Stakenet (XSN) this week announced the implementation of Lightning Network and Atomic Swaps with the release of their mandatory Lightning upgrade. Stakenet (XSN) is one of the first PoS Masternode coins to have SegWit, Lightning Network, and Atomic Swaps, providing users with unique interoperable peer to peer solutions not found in other protocols.

Lightning Network combined with Atomic Swap technology will allow the execution of ‘Lightning Swaps’, instant and nearly feeless cross chain trades, moving Stakenet one step closer to a trustless decentralized peer to peer crypto economy.

The XSN Core Team commented on the upgrade, saying, “We have prepared testnets consisting of over 70 nodes to ensure the stability required for high volume Cross Lightning trading. A Lightning Network can take many shapes, however, we believe we can use our existing second layer (Masternode) protocol to assist in the liquidity and volume needed to accomplish sufficient decentralization whilst also achieving our UX goals.”

The upgrade comes just weeks after Stakenet launch the ‘Staking as a Service’ platform,, which enables investors of XSN to stake their coins in the cloud and receive regular rewards. In the coming weeks, Stakenet will be adding more PoS coins to the platform, enabling users to stake and receive rewards of various coins. Voting polls are already underway on Twitter to decide the coins to be added next.

The team will continue to build on this infrastructure in the coming months to pioneer Stakenet into the first wave of DEX’s that will enter the market. Upcoming developments to be released include a Multi-currency wallet, Cross Chain Proof of Stake (CCPoS), Cold Exchanging from Hardware Wallets, Pooled Masternodes, Masternodes as a Service and XSN’s very own Hardware Device.

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