Consumer dApp blockchain APEX Network releases first public wallet

APEX Network, an enterprise blockchain solution for the creation of custom dApps with increased privacy and ownership of data, the interactivity of consumer experiences, and connectivity of value announced today the first public release of the APEX Wallet to the community and the wider cryptosphere.

The first phase of development for APEX Wallet focused on developing the base application and infrastructure, now the team says it will be continuously expanding its functionality, use cases, and ecosystem. APEX released mobile application versions for Android and iOS and will release the desktop version (includes voternode/datanode infrastructure) closer to Mainnet launch.

The core of APEX Network is the underlying blockchain infrastructure, which will launch Testnet in Q4 of this year. The APEX Wallet will play a support role in stimulating ecosystem and community growth as well as enterprise partnerships.

Main Features

• Multi wallet management from one device
• Keystore and mnemonic recovery
• All NEP-5 tokens supported
• Asset send/receive
• Asset transfers via QR-code
• Wallet management & backup
• Full transaction records
• Import existing wallet
• Personal basic data attributes via DHT cloud

Next Release(s)

• ERC20 support
• GAS claim support
• Enriched personal data management and encryption via DHT Cloud
• Cross-blockchain multi-wallet management (ie. Master Keystore)
• Reward redemptions across APEX Ecosystem
• Enterprise-Level Permission management
• Behavioral-level data storage via DHT Cloud

The APEX team said:

“We welcome everyone to participate in the usage and testing of APEX Wallet’s initial release. Shortly we will have a feedback form in which users will be able to submit bugs, recommendations, and comments. The APEX Wallet is secure, but we recommend that for this release test and use with smaller amounts of CPX and NEP-5 assets. Later versions will be available in Android and IOS app stores.”

Those interested can download the mobile apps direct from APEX Network –

Wallet Details

The CPX Wallet is the official and initial wallet developed by the APEX Core Development for the main purpose of storing and transacting both NEP-5 CPX (placeholder) and APEX Network Mainnet CPX, as well as various assets on the APEX Network blockchain. NEP-5 CPX and Mainnet CPX swap functionality will be implemented directly in the CPX Wallet after Mainnet launch for the CPX-holder’s convenience. The CPX-based DEX protocol will also be implemented directly in the CPX Wallet for maximum ease in swapping across different enterprise assets on the APEX Network.

Other features will include:

The development plan for CPX Wallet has been adjusted and optimized to the strategy of a public blockchain platform – where freedom for enterprises to develop and customize their own customer experiences and applications are a priority.


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