MedChain partners with Trustroot to secure blockchain health records

MedChain, a blockchain electronic health record platform today informed of a new partnership with Trustroot, a blockchain security protocol.

With the high rate of fraudulent activity happening within the blockchain community, the addition of Trustroot’s verification will provide customers peace of mind while protecting them from phishing attacks, malware, and other advanced cyber threats.

This partnership will allow individuals who use the Medchain’s platform to be fully confident in the validity of their transaction.

“Given the importance of an individuals’ healthcare record, customer protection is a must, and we are excited to be partnering with Trustroot to keep our customers safe.”

Joachim Sandgaard, CEO of MedChain

MedChain’s mission is to use blockchain to establish a better, more secure and transparent framework for Electronic Medical Records (EMR) that vastly improves the quality of care for patients while reducing healthcare providers’ costs. This allows companies and individuals to build software and applications within a globally compliant framework facilitating secure storage and transparency.

“Medchain is a great project that democratizes healthcare records for all patients. We are excited to see our technology providing more users increased safety and security for such a vital technology”

Shayan Zadeh, CEO of Trustroot

Trustroot is a blockchain protocol that protects individuals and businesses from fraud and theft within the cryptocurrency community. The protocol verifies the identity and trustworthiness of the blockchain business users interact with to help them avoid scams, phishing attacks, and other fraudulent activity. Learn more about the project at

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