Bitrue launches community owned, ecosystem-driven and highly secure crypto exchange

Bitrue, an exchange for cryptocurrency trading committed to safety and professional selection of ICO projects, officially launched today. Upon its launch, Bitrue also announced partnerships with Wanchain, a blockchain ecosystem for marketing and ecosystem development. Bitrue is also one of the first exchanges to list XRP as a base currency.

The Bitrue exchange network security protection system has passed a number of simulated hacker attacks and penetration tests. Meanwhile, Bitrue is adopting the security service of McAfee, a leader in computer security software, and has been certified by NSFOCUS, a pioneer in cybersecurity.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”Bitrue CEO Chris Wang” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]“As hacker attacks increase, the safety of crypto trading has become the biggest concern for users. A responsible exchange must ensure the highest level of security. Bitrue has made transaction safety the core element of its products, as more than 90% of user assets in its system are stored in cold wallets and critical messages are located in distributed storage systems with multiple clusters. The exchange has even created an internal risk control model with four certification levels, a multi-layer trading infrastructure, an independent trading domain and real-time monitoring capabilities.”[/perfectpullquote]

While the market is full of knockoffs like scammy tokens, cryptocurrency pyramid schemes, and copycat coins, Wang believes that instead of just thinking about how to make money from listing fees, exchanges should strictly review ICO applicants to help users identify good currencies from bad ones. “Bitrue is committed to listing only legit and promising tokens on our platform, Wang emphasized, “with our professional process and team for currency selection, Bitrue is able to screen the candidates and build a healthy environment for trading.”

Bitrue is more than just an exchange for cryptocurrencies— it’s actually a “community. While most exchanges are centralized and profit-oriented, Bitrue is open and transparent. “At Bitrue, everybody is shareholder and co-manager of the exchange,” Wang said cryptocurrency trading is an emerging market and only the participation of more people can make it more stable and diversified.  It invites all users to participate in its management by delegating all economic and voting rights concerning currency listing.

For more information visit Moreover, the Bitrue mobile app is now available at Google Play for download.