“Cosplay Is Not Consent” – the challenges cosplayers face within the industry 

Cosplayers use their creativity to create costumes that mimic the appearance of popular characters in movies, comic books, manga, and TV series. When they adorn these costumes, they do get the attention of fans who may want to take pictures with the character or interact with the cosplayer. Unfortunately, this has been taken advantage of by nefarious individuals who use the opportunity to harass or intimidate these cosplayers.

Challenges cosplayers face

For years, the cosplay industry has not had a body that can advocate for the rights of cosplayers. As a result, many of them have been subjected to all manners of inappropriate behavior. Some of the problems include:

  1. Unwelcome physical attention – There are numerous cases of cosplayers being touched inappropriately by fans. This is an invasion of their privacy. Sometimes fans may touch female cosplay artists in inappropriate Regardless of how they are dressed like, this is sexual harassment.
  2. Physical assault and battery – On occasion, cosplayers are physically assaulted by people who do not like how they are dressed or those who do not support their cause. This has become a prominent problem in many cosplay events, especially after event hours. This occurrence indicates that cosplayers are not protected adequately.
  1. Stalking – There is a high number of stalking cases within the cosplay community. Some individuals may be obsessed by a particular character and they stalk cosplayers as a result. This is inappropriate and is a criminal
  2. Unapproved photographs – In a normal society, it is not a common practice to take a photo of someone without their consent. However, people assume that these rules do not apply in the cosplay industry. Many cosplayers complain that people take their photos without consent and when they point out that this is wrong, they are verbally harassed or made to feel like their argument isn’t valid.

The crux of the problem is that cosplayers and stakeholders in the cosplay industry have never had a platform where they can push for rights during cosplay events and while in public. Individuals alone do not have the reach to influence change. However, collaboration can help make the industry safer.

Cosplay Token’s approach

Cosplay Token is a secure platform where cosplayers, cosplay event organizers, fans and other stakeholders in the cosplay community from all over the world can push for change. Some of the changes include:

Cosplay Token makes this possible by providing a platform that gives the cosplay community an avenue where people can collaborate. It also provides an opportunity for people in the cosplay community to share revenue transparently. This prevents cosplayers and cosplay artists from being taken advantage of by corporations. It also provides a platform where copyrights can be protected through the blockchain-based distributed ledger.

Our platform already has 720,000 members from all over the world. Cosplayers and artists from over 180 countries have already joined the platform where they regularly interact. There are multiple languages supported allowing cosplayers from around the globe to interact without a language barrier. Once the platform is launched they will be able to create tokens that they can use to monetize their creativity. Providing security and safety for cosplayers, cosplay artists, event organizers and fans is the core of what we do.

You can join us in our effort to make the cosplay industry safer for the entire cosplay community. You can do this by taking part in our upcoming Crowdsale that will start on July 29th and run till 1st September. Participation will require a minimum purchase of 250 COT (Cosplay Tokens) equivalent to 0.02 ETH. We will be rewarding investors with bonuses of 10%, 20%, 30% and 40% when they hold the Cosplay tokens for 3, 6, 12 and 24 months respectively. As a utility coin, there is little risk of losses because our tokens serve a purpose in the cosplay industry.

If you have any inquiries, you can reach the development team or customer representatives on using the following links:

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