DEX aggregator Totle integrates AirSwap for more Ethereum based tokens

Totle, the recently launched crypto portfolio management tool and decentralized exchange aggregator announced to users they will now have access to AirSwap’s network of tokens.

AirSwap (AST) is a decentralized marketplace for trading Ethereum based tokens. It allows its users to trade tokens in a peer-to-peer fashion across the Ethereum blockchain. Access to Airswap’s peer-to-peer network of crypto tokens on Totle commenced Monday, July 16th.

The Totle team said: “Totle is thrilled to see the partnership with our friends at AirSwap bring even more liquidity to users trading tokens on Totle.”

In addition to Airswap, Totle aggregates the order books from other decentralized exchanges, including Kyber, Bancor, EtherDelta, and RadarRelay, with more DEXs on the way. By pooling the fragmented order books among decentralized exchanges, odds of filling a requested order increase greatly.

Totle enables users to buy and sell across DEXs without sacrificing security or user privacy.

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