TradeBlock partners with Einstein Exchange to manage OTC bitcoin

TradeBlock has announced that Einstein Exchange is joining its growing list of customers that seek institutional tools to manage trading activity and counter-party relationships in the bitcoin and cryptocurrency space. Einstein is a Canadian-based exchange, powering retail and over-the-counter (OTC) bitcoin transactions.

As a leading inter-firm transaction network, TradeBlock offers an advanced suite of market and blockchain data. TradeBlock’s index tools offer reference rates for cryptocurrency markets.

Founded in 2017, Einstein Exchange serves as a division of Einstein Capital Partners Ltd. Currently, the exchange offers eleven digital currencies tradeable against the Canadian and US Dollars. In addition, the exchange offers users the ability to execute market, limit, and stop orders.

As institutional investors venture into cryptocurrency trading, the need for professional products to facilitate and manage trading operations is becoming apparent. Although the digital currency market has flourished and attracted serious firms they are finding that managing their activity without professional tools, such as the TradeBlock platform, can be time-consuming.

TradeBlock clients benefit from a number of services, including; trade management tools, seamless wallet integrations, KYC/AML automation, accounting tools, and auditable records, and comprehensive market and blockchain data.

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