Biotron utilizing SophiaTX blockchain for popular data collection app

SophiaTX, a blockchain technology platform for enterprise today announced a partnership with user permissioned and revenue sharing data analytics platform Biotron. The firms will work together to develop Biotron’s new data collection app powered by SophiaTX blockchain transparency.

The app uses the Biotron token to incentivize and reward users for shared data.

Data collected is used to improve consumer intelligence products for client companies. Currently, only location data is being gathered. As development continues, there are plans to implement data sharing options for industries such as health and transportation, among others.

The Biotron app Beta version is already available on Google Play and has over 20,000 downloads, the SophiaTX team said:

“We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Biotron on reaching a very respectable milestone. Only a month has passed since its release and Biotron Data already has more than 20,000 downloads on Google Play.”

“Our capability to carry out large amounts of micro-transactions in a quick and cost-effective way, coupled with our predefined smart contracts and mobile and web wallet accessibility, complements their needs very well. The SophiaTX blockchain is guaranteed to make a strong backbone for the Biotron project. And thus, a partnership was born between these two companies.”

Next Steps

SophiaTX will provide Biotron with the blockchain technology to ensure transparency by hosting their smart contracts between data providers and data users. Also, they will provide a solid platform to ease transaction data of their native BTRN token. An onboarding campaign is currently running for the application where users are able to earn free BTRN tokens simply for having it installed on their Android device.

The SophiaTX team continued:

“Biotron’s need for transparency of data usage and transactions demands an efficient solution, one that would enable all clients to clearly see how their data has contributed to the final product. Additionally, Biotron needs to ensure transparent distribution of compensation to clients based on the usage amount of their data during an analysis. This is where our blockchain technology comes into play.”

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