Exscudo blockchain ecosystem launches exchange

Exscudo, a multi-faceted blockchain powered financial ecosystem announced recently the launch of their first group of products: an exchange, a mobile wallet, and the EON blockchain. Users can now use Exscudo exchange for trading: my.exscudo.com. After a long development effort, the EON blockchain and native crypto-asset EON are almost ready for live use.

The exchange features are built upon the company’s native EON blockchain technology that aims to cut a niche for its adaptability in various industries, chiefly among them, finance and business use cases. The exchange will provide a clean and professional environment to interact on the blockchain and for trading over 50 cryptocurrencies along with fiat integration which Exscudo is enabling this year by partnering with banks— at the moment there are 6 currencies tradable on the exchange. One of the main advantages for businesses and those who trade big volumes is the ability to use its API integration for their trading systems. Besides, the exchange promotion campaign includes 0%-fee trading till September, which may result in trading volume increase.

Connection to the EON blockchain is used to raise the security of funds and show proof of liquidity, making an audit of the platform very easy to perform. Users also get to create assets through tokenization and in the near future list them on the exchange — with a great number of non-tradable tokens nowadays this feature might become a game-changer for Exscudo.

The Exscudo ecosystem would be not complete without a secure mobile wallet that doubles up as a chat application. It provides a platform for secure and private messaging as well as a global money transfer service. Money transfers are transacted directly within the chat.

Further, the Exscudo Merchant which is under development now features a payment gateway that enables users to make payments in cryptocurrencies which get instantly converted to fiat if the merchant so chooses. it becomes possible because all Exscudo services are connected to the exchange liquidity.

EON blockchain also provides developers with an easy to use open API that allows users to connect ready products or create new ones altogether. Currently, Exscudo has both the mainnet and a testnet running for third-party developers to get a feel for the new exchange and to experience all that it has to offer.

To ensure the functionality and trustworthiness of its ecosystem, Exscudo puts in place strict security measures to protect users. It has two-factor verification as well as transaction verification procedure. All these measures protect users from fraudulent wallets, fake accounts, and phishing sites.

Exscudo developers have created an ecosystem that made a variety of business cases possible. It might be worthwhile to sign up into the system at least to check out whether such an original architecture approach pays off in the future.

Exscudo exchange