Ethereum-based prediction market project Augur finally launches

Earlier today, Augur, an open-source, decentralized, peer-to-peer prediction market platform built on Ethereum announced its full launch. With the Augur (REP) token migration successfully completed, new production REP has been minted to all 56,338 unique accounts that held REP at the time of 11:01 AM PT on July 9th, 2018. The transaction that froze the old REP contract indefinitely can be seen here.

The new REP token contract address can be found deployed on the Ethereum main network – REP token contract: 0x1985365e9f78359a9B6AD760e32412f4a445E862. Exchanges, wallet providers, block explorers and other services that interact with REP will be updating the REP contract address over the coming days.

The final release of the Augur app has been published to the Augur Github repository. Users must download the Augur app and run it locally on their machine. There is no hosted or centrally served deployment of the Augur reference user interface or Augur Node that connects to the Augur protocols contracts on the main Ethereum network. Users must run these services and software themselves.

If a user has installed a previous pre-release of Augur App locally, they will need to clear their configuration file in order to properly run the new Augur App and connect to the main Ethereum network.

The Augur team said:

“The words of support received today are highly appreciated. Augur couldn’t have been built and deployed if it wasn’t for the hundreds of unique contributors, community members, software developers, hackers and advocates who have backed and worked relentlessly towards this vision for the past three years. Please bear with the software developers and maintainers in the early days, as there will undoubtedly be compatibility issues, bugs, and a learning curve for new users of decentralized applications.”

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